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Tips To Help Your Little One Adjust To the Daylight Saving Time Change

Making the switch to spring forward and fall backward does not impact adults the same way as it does young children. You can have a seriously grumpy little one on your hands when their normal sleep times are impacted by this change.

We found a great article from to help you manage the switching to and from daylight saving time so your little one can adapt to a new regular nighttime routine.

How do I prepare my baby or toddler for daylight saving beginning and ending?

There are a few different ways to help babies and toddlers stay in sync with their body clocks, so try these to see which one is best for your child:

  • Stay the course. That means changing the clocks as you normally would and nudging your tot to wake, eat, play, nap and go to bed at the usual times according to what the clock says. He may be grumpy for a while, but the more you stick to your routines, the faster he'll adjust to the time change.

  • Keep bedtime the same. Babies and toddlers thrive on a solid bedtime routine, including a feed, books, cuddling and songs, so follow yours as usual to show your tot that it’s time to settle down, even during daylight saving time. READ MORE!

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