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It’s Time for Water and Sand! Summer Can be the Best Time for Speech and Language Development

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

By: Elizabeth F. Williams, M.S. CCC-SLP

Here are some fun, free ideas for parents to incorporate water and sand into speech and language learning throughout the summer:


What To Do: There are so many ideas on what you can do with water and kids.

You can:

  • Travel to the beach

  • Go to the pool

  • Get out a water table and toys

  • Throw water balloons

  • Water your garden and flowers

  • Turn on a sprinkler

  • Use the water hose

  • Fill up buckets, cups, and funnels

Some Target Goals:

  • Concepts: Wet vs Dry, Full vs Empty, Deep vs Shallow, High Tide vs Low Tide

  • Articulation: Say 1-10 words with your sound and then throw a water balloon at a target (or parent 😊).

  • Vocabulary: Wet, Dry, Full, Empty, Big, Little, Half, Full, Splash, Ocean, Bay, Jump, Swim

  • Following Directions: Give each other directions, such as “fill up the big bucket; throw the green water balloon; or water the tomatoes after you water the cucumbers.”

  • Social Skills: initiate, maintain, and conclude topics of conversation


What To Do: Play with sand!

You can:

  • Make a sand box

  • Fill a large plastic tub or container with sand

  • Go to the beach

Some Target Goals:

  • Concepts: Dig vs Bury, Build vs Knock Down, Construct vs Destroy

  • Articulation: Bury objects that match your child’s articulation goal/s and in the sand. Have fun finding them and labeling them with your target sound/s.

  • Vocabulary: Dig, Sand, Soft, Pour, Build, Castle, Pack, Dump

  • Following Directions: Give each other directions, such as, “find the shovel; fill up the blue bucket before the red one; or run to the little sandcastle."

  • Social Skills: practice taking turns, practice asking for items out of reach


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