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A Fun Way to Get the Conversation Rolling at Your Next Family Meal

By: Elizabeth F. Williams, M.S., CCC-SLP

If you could have a character from a book or movie as a best friend,

who would it be? Why?

Tell the story about how you got your name. Would you rather be very tall or very short?

One of the biggest conversation challenges families have is getting past “How was your day…?” “Fine.” A fun way to get the conversation rolling at your next family meal is to make a conversation starter jar. Put strips of paper with fun, imaginative, or thought provoking questions on them in the jar. Take turns asking, answering, and listening to all the important things your family members have to share. For ideas on conversation starters that can be cut out and placed in the jar,  click on the following link from "The Family Dinner Project." LINK

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