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Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand With These Summer Sidewalk Chalk Activities!

The fun and affordability of sidewalk chalk makes it the perfect choice when you want to enjoy some fresh air outside. While playing with sidewalk chalk, you can also incorporate your child's speech and language exercises.

A Practice Idea for Articulation

Write target words on the ground as a way to practice your child's sounds.

Practicing Directions

Draw shapes on the ground and have your child follow directions using them (stand in circles, close your eyes, etc.).

Practicing Basic Concepts

Create a drawing of basic concepts such as big/little and in/out.

Hopscotch Speech Exercises Start by drawing a hopscotch board on the pavement. Inside each space, use pictures or words (depending on your child's reading level) that correspond to the sounds your child needs to practice. While playing hopscotch, have your child say each word and put it into sentences as they jump from square to square.

With sidewalk chalk, the possibilities are endless!


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