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Build Preschoolers’ Speech & Language Skills With Everyday Activities

With 5% to 10% of Americans having possible communication disorders and roughly 5% of children having noticeable speech disorders by the time they reach first grade; it is a good idea to start early with helping your preschooler build their speech and language skills.

You can help build your child’s skills with some very simple tips from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  As noted by ASHA, strong speech and language skills are crucial to kindergarten readiness and a precursor for reading, writing, and social success.  

Vocabulary and Describing Objects

For children ages, 3–5 years of age, help them build their vocabulary with these simple activities.

The more words a child is exposed to, the more words they’ll know! Keep the conversation going all day long, regardless of your activity. Some great vocabulary-building opportunities include the following:

Puzzle Time Have your child pick out a puzzle. Talk about the pictures on the box. What new words can be found in the puzzle? Find puzzles that have different themes, like holidays, animals, or foods.

Crafting Set up a station with art materials and talk as you make a craft. Discuss what they want to make, color choices, and the feel of the materials (like Play-Doh or clay).

Nature Walk There is so much to talk about outside! What do they see and hear? Do they feel a breeze? How do flower petals smell? How many colors do they see? What are the birds and squirrels doing? Ask them to tell you more.

For more tips from ASHA, click HERE.

Please remember, that it is crucial that if you notice any issues with your preschooler’s communication skills, it’s best to schedule an evaluation with a professional speech therapist


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