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Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology Considerations in Early Intervention During COVID

As we mentioned, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and Tidewater Speech Therapy is providing a series of topics this month to help raise awareness about communication disorders and available treatment options that can improve the quality of life for those who experience issues with speaking or hearing. Our focus this week is early intervention during COVID.

According to the National Association for Hearing and Speech Action (NAHSA), if you have concerns about your child’s speech, language, hearing, or feeding/swallowing, instead of waiting to see if your child grows out of what concerns you, it is key to seek help early. Treatment at any age is worthwhile, but earlier intervention is almost always most effective, and it will help to maximize your child’s success. It can also reduce the need for school-based services later on.

Fortunately, during COVID, audiologists and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have been able to provide a range of services during the pandemic to ensure that early intervention can still be possible. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has many helpful resources pertaining to early intervention during COVID. Click HERE to learn more!


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