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A Helpful Action Plan for Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month! Tidewater Speech Therapy will be sharing information this month to raise awareness about communication disorders and available treatment options that can improve the quality of life for those who experience issues with speaking or hearing.

The first topic that we wanted to focus on this month is Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults. You may think that hearing loss is something you can live with. However, hearing loss can significantly impact your overall health, physical safety, and quality of life.

According to the National Association for Hearing and Speech Action (NAHSA), many people wait years or even decades to seek help for their hearing loss, If you think you could have hearing loss, it is crucial to take action today! You can start on a course to improved health and quality of life. The American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA) developed this great easy to follow action plan: Taking Action on Hearing Loss: 5 Steps to Success

For more hearing loss resources, visit the ASHA website!

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