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A Healthy and Fun Take on National Fast Food Day!

There are special recognition days almost every day of the year. There is National Daughter's Day, National Dog Day, and even National Donut Day. The 16th of November is no different. Today is National Fast Food Day. So what better day than to offer ideas on how to incorporate food with learning!

Did you know that there are several ways to include food in fun and effective ways to learn? Children love to play with toy food items because they allow them to interact and play pretend while simultaneously developing their creativity, imagination, and vocabulary. This article, 10 Ways to Use Play Food in Speech Therapy by The Dabbling Speechie offers activities that both professional speech therapists and parents can use to enhance their child's language skills.

Bonus! The article also contains links and information about where to buy toy food sets if you are looking for holiday gift ideas for your little one!


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