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Favorite Speech Language Development Books for Children

Speech therapists often use these books to target sounds and language during speech therapy sessions. They are also some of the most beloved classic children's books. So if you’re looking for engaging books that help enhance your child's speech therapy, then you will find this post beneficial!

1. One Duck Stuck

Children will enjoy this engaging, entertaining book focused on the "c" sound and rhyming. It's a favorite of many parents!

2. Brown Bear Brown Bear

The classic book makes a wonderful addition to speech development practice. Children enjoy the predictable aspect of it, and it can target a wide range of sounds. You may also want to include a book about polar bears on the list!

3. Baby Says

There is a lot of love for this book because it introduces exclamatory and functional words.

4. Moo, Baa, La-La-La

This book is excellent for introducing animal sounds and targeting yes and no phrases.

5. Peek-a-Who

This book has engaging flaps, as well as easy consonant and vowel words that babies and young children will enjoy copying.

6. Where’s Spot?

Another engaging lift-the-flap book for babies and toddlers that promotes simple language skills.

7. Press Here

The actions in this book will help engage your little one and have them talking with verbs! It's a fun way to interact with a group of all ages!

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