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Does My Child Have a Speech, Language, or Hearing Problem?

Children start communicating with you long before they speak their first word. So it's important to understand how your child's communication skills are developing and what they should do during their first five years of life, as well as how you can help. Making friends and doing well in school can be difficult if you have problems with your speech, language, or hearing. Getting help early is the key to success.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) provides good information about milestones for different ages in this ARTICLE. Please keep in mind that missing one skill in an age range does not mean your child has a problem. If there are any concerns, it is always best to seek an evaluation with a speech and language professional. Tidewater Speech Therapy is happy to help. We are here to help you with any concerns or questions about your child's speech and language development. Please give us a call today at 757-439-4010!

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